Ride the penguin ship to Trioncube town

Trioncube, a new puzzle game from Namco, involves falling blocks. The whole block thing has been around for a while, and as jaded journalist types, we were a bit skeptical that Trioncube would have anything new to offer. Imagine our surprise, then, when we found ourselves enjoying the heck out of our hands-on time with this title.

Here’s the deal. Pieces fall and you have to form 3-by-3 blocks on the screen. Check out the image on the left (with the penguins): the darkest blue pieces represent a freshly minted cube; while the most numerous blue pieces have already been turned into Trioncubes. The outlined area represents the piece you have to place. You can make another Trioncube by moving it two spaces to the left and dropping it. The top row of the cube will be one orange piece and two pieces from the falling block, with the bottom two rows made up of previously utilized blocks. And so forth.

So why is it cool? Well, if you try to bring your Tetris skills to bear on the game, you'll probably end up in a bind. Being too neat can leave you with few cubing options, which will make it difficult to chain together cubes - a feat that gets more essential as the levels get higher and the timer gets shorter.  We enjoyed that we had to essentially unload our previous block game mindsets in order to find any success, and chaining together crazy amounts of cubes was mildly intoxicating (for those of us who could manage it).


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