Resident Evil 5: Character revealed?

It looks like Billy Coen, escaped convict and co-star of GameCube's Resident Evil 0, is set to return for another Evil outing, this time in the next-gen Resident Evil 5.

Eagle-eyed fact hunters from our very own website have spotted a spectacular gaffe by Steve Van Wormer, the voice actor who plays Billy. "Steve voices the role of Billy Coen" reads a block of text on Steve's official website, beneath the header "Resident Evil 5." Ooops!

The text has since disappeared from Steve's site - Capcom is unlikely to be best pleased with someone giving out info on its closely guarded title. If, of course, it's not just a spectacular numbering mistake.

But with Billy likely to be in tow, how many other classic characters will be joining the fight? Fingers crossed that Rebecca makes it.

June 26, 2007


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