Read Simon Pegg's McSpaced spoof!

Back in the dark days when we were all convinced that McG was going to get his Americanised version of Spaced on to US telly, Simon Pegg decided to do something creative instead of ranting about the sheer awfulness of the idea. Well, he decided to rant as well, but mostly he wrote this: a short, first-draft chunk of Spaced that he planned to shove online as a viral rebuke to the idea of a McSpaced without any input from himself, Jessica Stevenson or Edgar Wright.

As he admits on his MySpace blog where the script snippet can be found , it’s not finished, it’s never been touched by Jess or Edgar and it’s not meant to be official. But damn if it isn’t both hilarious and totally in keeping with Spaced. And the Cloverfield reference… Well, we’ll leave you to read the rest…


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