Puss In Boots scribe rewriting Furry Friday

furry friday

Puss In Boots scriptwriter David H. Steinberg has been drafted in to rewrite a body-swap comedy entitled Furry Friday.

Though it sounds like a sequel to Friends With Benefits , it’s actually more of an unofficial follow-up to Freaky Friday .

A family comedy, the plot revolves around a dog and a cat who through some mystical MacGuffin end up switching bodies. Oh, the hilarity.

Cue scenes in which a cat wants to be taken for a walk on a lead before peeing on lampposts, while a dog stares menacingly into a fishbowl.

New Line bought the original spec script from The Illusionist ’s Cathy Schulman and Limitless ’ Adam Stone.

Steinberg is currently finishing off his directorial debut, Miss Dial , which we’re told doesn’t involve any hilarious animal body swapping.