Pursuit Force

We go hands-on with this high-speed shooter and learn a valuable lesson: Regular old carjacking is for wusses

Pursuit Force has already been released in Europe, where it was lambastedfor its difficulty. For the U.S. release, Sony is toning down the challenge and adding a checkpoint system in hopes of making it more accessible. That's not to say that the game is necessarily dumbed-down, though, as levels in the U.S. version we played ranged from shortcakewalks to long, multi-stage, excruciatingly difficult affairs.

While it's essentially a racer on a system crammed with great-looking racers, Pursuit Force is the first to really bring something new to the table. The lack of multiplayer is strange, but with its smooth visuals, inventive action and a blistering, don't-blink sense ofspeed, this is shaping up to be one of the more promising games on the PSP.


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