Punch-Out!! – exclusive boxer reveals!

Pics and videos of Piston Hondo, Great Tiger and two re-imagined favorites

That%26rsquo;s why we%26rsquo;re happy to reveal four new additions to the upcoming Wii sequel. We%26rsquo;ll have a full-blown review coming up in a few weeks, but for now, take a look at these familiar faces.

Piston Hondo

Back from the original NES game, Piston%26rsquo;s gone through a minor name change. We asked about the difference (he was originally Piston Honda) and it sounds like Honda itself might%26rsquo;ve factored in the alteration. Nothing like Mr. Honda called Mr. Nintendo to complain, just some preventative swapping.

Above: Hondo%26rsquo;s boxing behavior is extremely similar to his NES form

Above: He%26rsquo;ll mix up sweeping uppercuts with these faster jabs. Watch out!

Above: Proper punches will knock little sushi items out of his head

Above: The official character art

Great Tiger is another holdover from the original. His tricks include disappearing and reappearing elsewhere in the ring, as well as a duplicating fake-out move where he tries to cross you up. Check it in the video below.

Above: The aforementioned duplication move. Which way%26rsquo;s he gonna go?

Above: Every Punch-Out!! boxer has a %26ldquo;tell.%26rdquo; Guess what his is?

Above: Tiger gloating after knocking Mac to the mat

Above: The official character art

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