Prometheus Easter egg hints at Blade Runner crossover

Prometheus lands on DVD and Blu-ray this week, and a new Easter egg on the disc hints at a possible link between with Ridley Scott’s earlier sci-fi triumph, Blade Runner .

The DVD is hiding a screen’s worth of text written by Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland, who makes reference to “a mentor and long-departed competitor”.

You can take a look at the message in full below. See if you can work out just who he’s talking about…

Anyone who came up with the name Eldon Tyrell, give yourself a gold star, as it is clearly the creator of the replicants that Weyland is referring to. Pretty cool, no?

Chances are this is just a fan-pleasing little extra, but there’s always the possibility that a young Weyland could make an appearance in the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel. It did seem odd to cast an actor as young as Pearce, only to cover him in prosthetics. Perhaps this is why…