Pokemusings, week 43

This easily recognizable auto is a perfect fit for this easily recognizable Pokemon. It's just a perfect fit. The cute looks and round lines of the Beetle uncannily resemble the rotund electric rodent.

We're pretty sure there was some collaboration going on. While the German engineers were designing the "new" Beetle, the folks at The Pokemon Company must have sent some artists over. It truly looks like the best in Japanese and German design.

The same cannot be said for the Lugia Chrysler PT Cruiser. The lines of this car really don't work for this legendary Pokemon. It just looks like a car with some crap glued onto it. It's kind of awkward and kind of ugly. We're not really surprised, since most American cars suck. That said, we'd totally take one if Nintendo gave us the keys.

Our dream Pokemon automobile would have to an electric car. Since gas prices are soaring and we really need to cut down oil consumption, it's more important than ever to be "green." We'd base our Poke-wagon on theTesla Roadster. Since we want to make an environmental statement, Celebi would be our design choice. Can't you see it?!? A green Tesla Roadster with antennae! It works!!! Really it does.