Pokemusings, week 43

Like any worldwide phenomenon, the Pokemon franchise has its fair share of products that are completely unrelated to its core. As proud owners of Plusle and Minun salt-and-pepper shakers, as well as a Pokemon ramen bowl, we've bought into Pokemon consumerism, quite literally. In addition to everyday knickknacks, there are a slew of Pokemon devices that we'll never get the chance to own. This week's Pokemusings looks at some of these Pokemon dream machines.

First on our list are All Nippon Airway's (ANA)Pokemon-branded airplanes. The 747-400 is currently the best way to fly internationally (upper deck rules!). Having Pokemon painted on its body makes the plane 539-percent cooler. There are actually a few versions of ANA's special-edition aircraft. Some of the Pokemon that appear on it include Pikachu, Mew, Clefairy, Togepi, Wynaut, and Bellossom. These planes also feature Pokemon headrest covers, cups, and flight attendant aprons.

If we had unlimited resources, we'd buy one of these Poke-planes in a heartbeat. Naturally, they'd have to be customized for personal use. The back of the plane would be called Pichu's Paradise - a fancy moniker for an area we'd make all kids under the age of 10 hang out. It would have plenty of toys and entertainment so that children wouldn't cry the whole flight. The front of the plane would be Snorlax' Lounge, where non-weepers would rest comfortably. The upper deck would be dubbed Brock's Pimp Lair, where we'd have an open bar, disco lights, and a private bedroom with a circular bed. Of course, we'd still make the plane's staff wear the Pokemon-branded aprons.