PokemonRadar: week seven

Seven weeks into our detailed examination of the new Pokemon menagerie, we're getting to real meat: evolutions. Of the 107 new Pokemon, 29 are evolution or "prevolutions" of Pokemon you already know and love, and many evolve in surprising new ways.

Next week we'll check up on our friends, the three starters, and see their second stages.

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Jibakoiru
Type: Electric / Steel
Classification: Magnetic Field
Pokedex Number: 462 National
Ability: Magnet Pull - Steel type Pokemon cannot escape fromBattle, Sturdy - One-Hit KO moves will not work
Location Found: Evolved from Magneton in Tengan Mountains
Useful Attacks: Zap Cannon

The Sinnoh region is split by the Tengan Mountains, and this rocky spine channels mysterious energies. Certain Pokemon can channel these energies and use it empower themselves. How will these Pokemon evolve in future regions? Who knows? All we know is that the Pokedex has gained another three stage Electric Pokemon. Magnemite and Magneton have been with us since Pokemon began 10 years ago, and finally get a third, UFO-like evolution in Diamond and Pearl. Jibakoiru's type combination and newfound power makes it a formidable force, whether you're felling Flying Pokemon or abducting the locals.