PokemonRadar, week 12

We dust off and resurrect Sinnoh's four fossil Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Torideps
Type: Rock / Steel
Classification: Shield
Pokedex Number: 039 Sinnoh / 411 National
Ability: Sturdy - One-hit KO moves don't work
Location Found: Evolved from Tatetops
Useful Attacks: Iron Head

The relatively cute Tatetops evolves into Torideps, a hideous abomination with a giant steel-plated tumor on its face. While its looks take a serious beating, Torideps' stats improve considerably, allowing it to take even more punishment and scar its face even further. While slow and unwieldy, Torideps' colossal defense and variety of Rock and Steel type moves makes it a powerful, if ugly, companion in your Pokemon journey and the subsequent tournaments.