PC: The Ones to Watch

A lot's happened in the world of PC gaming already this year. Most notable was the introduction of Microsoft's Games for Windows - Live initiative, but there have already been several high profile releases on the platform.

So much so that when we went back to our 2007 PC Game feature we almost had to halve it, as many games were already on sale. But that's okay because there are plenty more waiting for their chance to conquer the charts. Here's what you should be spending your money on in the run up to Christmas...

German developer Crytek delivered Far Cry - which was its first game - an incredible achievement and a first-person shooter that some regard as better than Half-Life 2. It's no surprise, then, that anticipation for its second shooter, Crysis, is hitting fever pitch, and it has to be said that it appears the gamewill live up to our high hopes. The science-fiction storyline is a real aliens-hit-Earth classic and we're crossing fingers that the free-roaming gameplay, stunning environments,crazy physics and thrilling action will be blended together to create one scrumptious FPS dish. Don't let us down come November 16.

Check out the Crysis game page here.