PAX 2010 in pictures

PAXURES! Peep the scene on the Seattle showfloor

There%26rsquo;s no need to be jealous of us for being at PAX. We%26rsquo;ve taken some moderately nice looking pictures and assembled them here to give you a 100% authentic PAX experience without ever leaving your desk!

Above: Wish you were here

I mean, minus the swag and without the hands-on time with games that aren%26rsquo;t even out yet. Oh, and there%26rsquo;s no bands like Metroid Metal or Anamanaguchi for you to see. Also these pics can%26rsquo;t accurately convey the live gaming tournaments, rooms lined with classic tabletop matches, the enormous sense of kindness and community%26hellip; you know what? Bring your ass to PAX next year, dammit! You%26rsquo;ve never even thanked us for the privilege of allowing you to live vicariously through us anyway!

ahem%26hellip; Please enjoy the PAXURES!

Above: This will be my first born's room

Above: Anxious players storm the Mortal Kombat castle

Above: Vanquish and MK, two of my favorite upcoming titles I had to get in the same shot

Above: Square's booth is Ikea as hell with tons of playable Final Fantasy XIV stations

Above: Ain't the saviours of humainty cute?

Above: This Metroid: Other M chalk drawing is almost coming together

Above: [Insert Back to the Future reference] [Internet Applause]

Above: Okay, the detailed rear has removed my cynicism




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