PAX 2006: The Aftermath

The tradition of the runner-up gaining an automatic entry in the next year's Omegathon is joined by the institution of the final, secret game. Unannounced until the last two challengers take the stage, the Omegathon final is normally a "classic" video game, like 2004's Pong. Garroutte brushed off the insane pressure of last year's deafening finale during his one-point overtime loss playing Atari 2600 Combat, saying "There is a car at stake but it's no fun if we sit around glaring at each other."

Above: The final Omegathon game is revealed in front of 5,000 expectant fans - Tengen's original Tetris

Proving his worth as a crowd favorite, Garroutte took the stage with Davis to the chants of "Leeroy!" as Gabe and Tycho lifted the veil on the final game: Tengen's original Tetris for the NES. Though Penny Arcade fans seemed aware that they were madly cheering a contest being played on a 20-year old game, the thick irony was lost in the moment. Before PAX attendees could practice their admonishments of "third time's the charm, Leeroy," Garroutte quickly handed Davis a 2-0 defeat, and Holkins handed Leeroy the keys to a new car.

Though crowded and at times smelly, there's no other place we'd rather be than shoulder to shoulder with our fellow gamers.See youat PAX 2007?