Friday 19 January 2007
You are the Overlord, Keeper of the Ruined Tower, Harvester of Souls, Imperator of Halflings, Defiler of Evernight Forest, Most High Lord of Chaos, Guardian of the Sacred Sparkle, Lord of Lust and Lechery, Reveler in Perversity, Grand Executioner, Lord of the Necromantic Arts, the Bane of Unwilling Virgins. No wonder you have a bunch of groupies.

You’re the risen lord, once defeated by seven heroes who left your corpse lying in your home tower and returned to their villages, growing fat and corrupt. You awaken in the Dark Tower with a few little minions tending to you. Their ultimate goal: to give you back the power you once had, restoring both lord and tower.

Overlord hides a small scale RTS within a third-person action RPG. You control the main character as you would any third-person avatar, but deploying your faithful minions is where the real meat lies. These personable, stupid and suicidally loyal little gremlins are your tools of destruction, pillaging wherever they go and returning the loot to you.

They’re split into four classes: brown fighters, red fire imps, green assassins and blue healers. You control them either as a mass mob or separated into these classes. They’re a controlled anarchy: the blind devotion they lavish on you means they’ll happily pluck live bombs from the ground and run into a group of your enemies, bomb fizzing away above their heads. And they’ll explode along with their targets, joyously sacrificing their lives for you.


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