Available on: PS2, GameCube

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One Piece: Grand Adventure Hints

  • Unlock Shanks

    Entry location: Buggy's Grand Adventure
    When you play as buggy in grand adventure go to the Shipwreck Graveyard - the second shipwreck on the left is Shanks! Defeat him and his crew of Lucky Roux, Beckmann, and Yassopp and you unlock Shanks for grand battle mode!
    Submitted by Vgame rooler

One Piece: Grand Adventure Unlockables

  • Finding Skypiea

    When you go to Albasta you'll see a shipwreck - go there & fight Shanks, then go to the graveyard of ships fight Mihawk and win - he'll give you a compass that says Skypiea on it. Go to Jaya Island, then then go in the whirlpool - it will turn into a Waterspout & shoot you to Skypiea
    Submitted by Vgame Rooler
  • Unlockable Characters

    Chaser - In Chaser's adventure mode, level him up until you have his secret attack to unlock him.
    Eneru - Recruit him in Crocodile's adventure mode, and win a battle with him.
    Kuina - Recruit her in Chaser's adventure mode, and level her up until you use her secret attack to unlock her.
    Mihawk - Recruit him in Chaser's (Smoker) adventure mode, and win a battle with him.
    Mr. 2 Bon Clay - Recruit him in Crocodile's adventure mode, and win a battle with him.
    Nico Robin - Recruit her in Luffy's adventure mode, and win a battle with her.
    Ohm - Recruit him in Crocodile's adventure mode and win a battle with him.
    Trace (Ace) - In Buggy's adventure mode, you can recruit him in Drum Island. Win a battle using him to unlock him.
    Shanks - Recruit him in Buggy's adventure mode, then win a battle using him
    Zeff - Level him up and unleash his secret attack in Chaser's adventure mode to unlock him.
    Submitted by Daniel Cool
  • Unlock Sound Test

    Get all of the cards in the Arena and Grand Battle modes.
    Submitted by Daniel Cool
  • Arena Mode Unlockables

    To unlock hard mode beat normal mode

    To unlock hardest mode beat hard mode

    To get a characters voice get a ranking of 39 or lower (beat someone with a rank of 39 or lower)

    To get a characters pictures in the gallery, get a ranking of 29 or lower
    Submitted by xdeidarax

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Genre: Fighting
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Franchise: One Piece
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Teen: Cartoon Violence