One day in September

Filmmakers just can’t stop stirring the ashes of 9/11. The latest tackling the sensitive subject is The Upside Of Anger writer/director Mike Binder.

Reign O’er Me follows a grief-stricken man distraught over the loss of his family on the tragic morning. His old college roommate, who has become a doctor, helps him cope.

And Binder’s already got a cast in mind. Clearly looking to bolster Adam Sandler’s campaign to be taken seriously, he’s trying to sign the Happy Gilmore star up for the lead. Don Cheadle’s considering the role of the doctor.

This will be the third 9/11 film being made in the space of a year. Oliver Stone is currently shooting his untitled drama about Port Authority workers trapped in the rubble, which stars Nic Cage and Crash’s Michael Pena. And Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy) is busy making Flight 93, a part-improvised drama about what might have happened on the ill-fated plane which crashed in a Pennsylvania field after the passengers overpowered their terrorists hijackers.


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