No More Heroes strategy guide: Kill the killers

Doctor Peace

Those guns make the good doctor a pesky blighter in a sword fight, don’t they? Highly unsporting of him. Still, not to worry. It's not too hard to get around them in order to teach him a lesson in gentlemanly conduct.

  • The biggest problem with Dr. P (What exactly is he qualified in anyway? PhD Murderising?) is getting close enough to him to do any damage. You can block his multi-shot salvos, but doing so will deplete your katana power very quickly, meaning that by the time you getnear to him your weapon will be next to useless. Instead, what you need to do it an upgraded version of the evasive rolling you've already learned. Stay locked on and watch for him charging up the guns, then roll to the side just before he starts firing. If you alternate rolling with running forward, you'll make a progressive arc around and towards him without wasting beam energy.

  • When you get close enough, repeat the process until you can get round behind him while he's firing, and give him a delicious taste of hot combo while he's busy. Always attack from behind though. You don%26rsquo;t want him blocking and attacking at point blank range, as multiple shots will be devastating if you don't get time to block.
  • Given that he never leaves his spot, there's very little else you need to know. Just keep up the pattern of wide arcs towards him followed by backing off and repeating when he retaliates. If you need to charge up your katana, it's safest to use the pick-up in the box if it%26rsquo;s still there. As long as you take another wide arc towards it along the stadium wall, any shots he fires at you won't catch up with you due to his turning speed.