NiGHTS video spoiler thwarted by fate

Dec 19, 2007

So guess who was going to show you the ultra-secret, uber-final NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams ending? Only achievable after scoring high marks on every mission, defeating two bosses, and collecting the final Ideya, we invested hours into unlocking this super sweet cinema. The results were as tragic as a power outage, or a cruel and merciless parent pulling the plug on your game machine for not taking out the garbage. Plus, it was eerily reminiscent of a certain popular TV show that just ended, so it should go without saying we added that last bit of music. It just seemed appropriate on an infinite number of levels.

[WARNING: Not an actual spoiler]

Note: We were playing a review build of the game on a debug Wii when we took this video. We haven't yet received a final box version of the game, but we're 95% sure you won't suffer the same misfortune if you pick up a NiGHTS: JoD in a store. It was probably due to some monkey-pawed mishandling on our part, but it happened to us four times… even after every effort was made to clean the disc, including the age-old trick of sensually licking it. Yes - we went there.


Either way, nothing cools the sting of shattered hopes and heartache than sharing it with others. Thanks for being a friend.


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