New Xbox Live Arcade games

Two new additions to the Live Arcade library

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Two new titles were unveiled today for inclusion in the Xbox Live Arcade family of casual-friendly games. Both Astropop and Feeding Frenzy will be available for download starting immediately via Xbox Live.

Astropop is a space-themed, block-puzzler where players are challenged to use a magnet ray to grab and match colored blocks in an odd marriage of Tetris and Breakout (or Brickout... or Super Breakout ). Apparently, some form of sci-fi storyline drives you on through levels of increasing difficulty. Pictured below is a screen from the popular PC version of Astropop.

Feeding Frenzy is an evolutionary survival game where you must eat or be eaten. Starting as a tiny fish, you must gobble up your fellows (and various power-ups) in order to get big enough and strong enough to take on the lords of the ocean (aka sharks and killer whales).

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