New trailer for Mirror Mirror

Relativity media has sensibly decided to release a new international trailer for Snow White saga Mirror Mirror , after the first, uber-camp teaser set about irritating the hell out of anyone unlucky enough to watch it.

Fortunately, the new trailer isn’t half as aggravating as the original, with a little more exposition included to distract from the slapstick. Not that you’d exactly describe it as grown-up, but at least this one isn’t adult kryptonite.

Take a look at the new trailer below…

What’s happened to the old, “Snow White? Snow who? Snow way!” routine, we hear you ask? Well that’s just one of many dud jokes that appear to have been swept under the carpet this time around, although Armie Hammer’s troubling horny-puppy act is still present and correct.

In fairness, had we not already seen the first trailer, this would look like a perfectly acceptable fantasy romp aimed squarely at the family market. And for all we know, that earlier footage might not be truly representative of the final cut.

That said, we’re still erring towards Snow White And The Huntsman in this year’s fairytale face-off. Mirror Mirror opens in the UK on 16 March 2012.


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