New Shadows of the Damned trailer is awesome, not particularly subtle

Shadows of the Damned may be the bizarre love child of the creators of Resident Evil, No More Heroes, and Silent Hill, but it’s the over the comedy that stands out most when you play it. Everything is a little off, if not completely insane, and that includes Johnson, a disembodied skull and the constant chum of hero Garcia Hotspur. Johnson is an all-purpose tool, transforming into guns, torches, and whatever else at a moment’s notice. We got a new trailer detailing all the ways you can upgrade Johnson, and it’s hardly the most straight-laced video we ever received:

Obviously the trailer channels pretty perfectly the ads you’ll see on cable TV if you stay up late enough. You know, the ones for “natural male enhancement” that are normally preceded by a commercial for Girls Gone Wild. Ignoring the parody aspect, the footage also gives you a pretty good idea of the sheer magnitude of dick jokes you'll  hear while playing Shadows of the Damned. Freud would have a lot to say about this game, but who cares, we’ve had tons of fun with what we’ve played so far, so keep those penis gags coming. The phallic fun will really begin when Damned hits retailers June 21.

May 19, 2011


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