New Halo 3 site discovered

Amidst the Halo 3 viral marketing explosion of the last week, another mysterious website has been discovered.

Known only as "Server 05," the website details tiny tidbits of the Forerunner's background story, through a cool Flash interface.

Above: Is this where they keep the mysterious Server 05?

If you're particularly crafty, you can even unlock a Forerunner "log" movie, which goes some way in explaining why the ancient alien race isn't around any more.

The Forerunners seem to be the central theme of the Halo 3 "Iris" campaign, which Microsoft says is designed "to take gamers on an incredible journey through the Halo universe."

Check the site out for yourself viathis link.

Enough viral marketing campaigns now. Can we see the single-player campaign instead?

June 22, 2007