Neverwinter Nights 2 updated impressions

It's no small task to create a sequel to a massively popular, jaw-droppingly detailed, brilliantly designed, only slightly less than perfectly executed role-playing game like the original Neverwinter Nights. Luckily, this game's developers look well up to the task. Basing its game system on the latest Dungeons & Dragons rules (version 3.5), Neverwinter Nights 2 expands on the original in some ways, while streamlining it in others.

To begin with, the character creation system has become more detailed and flexible, with the inclusion of new character classes like Rangers, as well as sub-races (Drow Elves, Duergar “Gray Dwarves,” et al). When building your character, you’ll also have the option of adding background traits, which determine what the folks in your home village think about you and how they react to you. This, in turn, can often result in certain bonuses (like cheaper equipment) when you’re home. And, as with the original, you’ve got full control over your appearance to a pretty detailed degree, so hopefully no two characters will look exactly alike. And, of course, if all this is too much for you and you just want to jump in and start adventuring, there’s always the “recommended” button to handle things more or less automatically.


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