Konami's just announced the first batch of DLC for last month's dismember-'em-up, NeverDead. The NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 1 expands the game's Asylum area to make space for three new online Challenges, as well as unlocking a new player and costumes.

Expansion Pack Volume 1's biggest addition is probably the enlargement of the Asylum and the new Gameplay Challenges accommodated by the change. Egg Hunt offers a treasure-seeking twist on competitive play, while Fragile Alliance adds checkpoints to turn the area into the site of full-combat foot-races. Finally, Onslaught divides the area into Zones that must be captured by defeating opponents.

You'll also have the opportunity to take on the Challenges as the Lady Gaga-esque Nikki Summerfield, or dress leading man Bryce Boltzmann up in two new costumes. The pack's not priced yet, but will be available from the 21st of this month. In the meantime, read our review or let us know how you're finding the title.


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