ModNation Racers Cheats

ModNation Racers Hints

  • PS3 | Submitted by BLAZZEM STEWART

    Collecting Car Parts

    any race in career mode and modspot

    First you have to go to career mod and start racing and on each level you will have to look for TOKENS which look like a purple cylinder with gold coins at the top. when you finish the race stay in career mode and look in the information next to the picture and there should be five circles in that section and when they are all yellow with a black ,five pointed-star in the circle and the amount of circles with the stares is the amount of TOKENS you have got. when you are finished you go to the shop to the left of the creation station and you can buy a body for 5 TOKENS,a engine for 2 TOKENS and a very small thing for 1 TOKEN.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Anthony Butcher


    As soon as you see the word GO at the start of a race, press L1 and you will get a head start. Be sure to keep holding the gas at the same time.