Mickey Rourke is one of The Expendables

With his career reheating thanks to The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke has signed on to the cast of Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables.

You might recall we introduced you to the rest of the current cast here – which includes Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren as confirmed.

Forrest Whittaker is busy negotiating to play the titular mercenary team’s CIA liaison, while Sir Ben of Kingsley might also be chewing a little scenery if he joins the movie.

Kingsley as Villain?

If Kingsley does sign on, we really want him as the villain.

Rourke will play one of the team sent into South America to take down a dictator. It all kicks off shooting with Sly helming and co-starring this March in Brazil.

[Source: Variety ]