MGS4 bosses: Officially rated B, for bad ass

Aug 24, 2007

We told you about them two days ago, now here's the full quality Leipzig footage of the four MGS4 bosses going to town on a group of militia soldiers. And it's awesome.

It all starts off innocuously enough when they run into what is best described as a four-legged robot. That turns out to be Crying Wolf. She's quickly joined by aerial menace Raging Raven, Doc Ock wannabe Laughing Octopus and obligatory villain-with-preternatural powers Screaming Mantis. They appear to be damn near invincible, and dispatch the militia like a pack of rabid animals. Check the vid - we're talking literally here.

It turns out that all four of these tin cans of pain are female, who's origins - hinted at in the trailer - has lead to them being collectively referred to as the Beauty in the Beast Unit. As well as acting like their animal counterparts, they also only seem to communicate as befits their name. Crying Wolf  whimpers and howls, Screaming Mantis cackles, Raging Raven literally shouts "rage" while Laughing Octopus chuckles at her own cruelty. With these kinds of repressed emotions there's little doubt we're in for some spectacular battles and the usual epics of emotional outpouring directly afterwards.

Despite obvious links to MGS1's FOXHOUND, Screaming Mantis is the only Beast (Beauty?) to display similar abilities to her namesake, and additionally has two puppets suspended under each arm - MGS1's Psycho Mantis and MGS3's The Sorrow. We can't even to begin to comprehend where what Kojima is thinking - other than a certain smugness that he has planted the biggest cock tease in gaming history. But rest assured we're watching like hawks to see if Laughing Octopus reveals herself as a master of illusion.


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