Meowth swag takes over the world

What’s been happening in the darker corners of Pokemon fandom this month? It seems that now Meowth is all the rage, with Pokefans going the extra mile to create tributes to their favorite feline 'mon.

Meowth cupcake

You’ll feel like the cat that got the cream with this edible version of Meowth’s beaming face. These yummy-looking Pokecakes are ideal for dinner parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and ironic funerals.

Meowth plushie

Have you ever wanted to cuddle up to the evil, megalomaniacal Meowth? No? Stop lying. Even we want to hug this lovingly crocheted plushie of the Team Rocket mascot. Perfect for smuggling contraband through customs, too.

Meowth speed painting

YouTube user pokemonlover5673 draws a convincing picture of Meowth in just over two minutes, putting the 5,672 pokemonlovers before her to shame. As a special treat/penance, you also get to listen to Tom Jones.

Zombie Meowth t-shirt

From the Zombiemon T-shirt range (“Gotta kill ’em all!”) comes this lovely picture of an undead Meowth hungry for flesh. Don’t put it in the wash with the plushie, or the infection will spread.

Meowth hat

The Pok3mon Fan Club save us the trouble of skinning Meowths to fashion them into stylish headwear. If they love them so much, why are they wearing their heads as trophies?

May 26, 2010


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