MechAssault 2 Lone Wolf review

GamesMaster reckons they're bad and ugly: Go ahead junk, mech my day...

When Xbox Live launched, it was lovely, but lonely. It had no friends - none of those initial online games were anywhere near as fun as we'd expected.

Then along came MechAssault, with its slack single-player manbreasts but whistling a memorable multi-player tune, and they hit off like drunks in a jail cell. Has that bond been broken at all with this sequel? Kind of. But not really.

Lone Wolf is an improvement, for sure, in all aspects. The single-player mode has been given more texture, as you've the ability to leave your mech and hijack rival robots, but it still feels a little flat - there's just not enough fizz in those missions to make it a worthwhile purchase for purely offline players.

There's some variety, such as the occasional stealth section, but the bulk of fun is had from killing other massive deathmobiles with your massive deathmobile. And that's always more entertaining when they're controlled by other people.

As an online game, it's solid and distracting stuff, offering a plump sack of modes from the typical stuff to something more imaginative (the co-op endurance of the Grinder mode).

There's also the enjoyable and potentially never-ending Conquest mode battle, where players ally themselves with a faction and fight for possession of a galaxy full of planets.

Ultimately, while it's a worthy sequel, it's long been surpassed by the likes of Halo 2 - a game that offers something more varied along with a supreme one-player campaign.

While Xbox Live now has all the friends in the world, it's MechAssault that's looking like it might end up feeling lonely.

MechAssault 2 Lone Wolf is out for Xbox now

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