Massive MAG beta key giveaway

Experience multiplayer MAG gameplay first with our beta key giveaway

To get one you need to be based in the UK and Europe andfollowing us on Twitter Then just reply to @GamesRadar with your request including the following hashtag: #grmagbeta.

Be sure to use the hashtag or we won't see your request and you won't get a code.

If you have any problems with above process please pipe up in the comments field and we'll try and help.

Check out the game in action:

Small print:

- We can't guarantee a beta key, even if you apply for one. We only have limited supplies and they are going fast.

- Please don't ask for more than one - we'll only reply to you once.

- Assuming we haven't run out, if you don't get a code it'sprobably because you aren't following us on Twitter. It's impossible for us to DM you a codeif you don't follow us.

- This giveaway is only open to UK and European PS3 owners- if you apply from anywhere else and get a code it's unlikely to work on your console.

- We are at the behest of Twitter for this giveaway so we can't be held responsible for DMs not arriving.

- The beta is a limited demo of the game.