Limbo: Not so scary if you bring a flashlight like in this funny video

We loved Limbo, likening the game to “that feeling you get after a really intense, really weird dream... that uneasy sense of dislocation as your head continues to reel from the impact of what you perceived the night before.” And if you like the idea of a well-regarded platformer but aren't so hot on all that weirdy-beardy “uneasy dislocation” business, then maybe this video is for you, as it will basically ruin the acclaimed sidescroller's scares for evermore. Take it away, Dorkly...

If platform restrictions prevent you from enjoying this as much as you'd like (that is, if your chosen games machine doesn't support the game), you may also be interested to know that Playdead looks set to port the game to a new range of machines. A job listing (via Mana Tank) reveals the company's “currently investigating” the possibility of expanding onto “iOS, Win8, Android, NACL and other platforms could become relevant as well.” So, um, if the only games you play are on your iPad, you may be able to better appreciate this video in a few months' time...


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