Let's get medieval

It's one of the most visually astonishing games around and we've managed to get our hands on an army of new shots of Creative Assembly's Medieval II: Total War, which will be released for PC this winter.

The follow up to Rome: Total War focuses on a different part of history, namely the period from 1080 to 1530 which was a particularly unsettled period in history and featured such conflicts as the Crusades.

From the images below, you'll see the epic scale of the battles Medieval II is capable of recreating. With now over 10,000 troops to control, including hundreds of different unit types, gamers can understand the strategy and tactics that were used to win these almighty military conflicts.

Medieval II: Total War will be even more dynamic to watch thanks to the game's new combat animation system and the fact that it has twice the detail of the original game. It's also a great way to learn about the various civilizations that were involved by examining the different technologies used.

June 6, 2006