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  • Sea Snake

    Entry location: Level 5
    When battling the giant Sea Snake be sure to stay locked on. As it comes out if the water lock onto one of its back plates and blast away at it. In some cases it does nothing but in most the shell will come off. Then follow it to the nearest Manta and get in front of the Manta before the Snake does or else it will gain back health. DO this repeatedly and you will beat it. The hardest part is staying locked on and getting to the Manta before the Snake does. If you lose the Mantas then you lose the level.
    Submitted by Jasx501
  • Dowse the lights

    Entry location: Level 6
    When first starting out you are shown several beams of light in the air. These lights will make your job VERY difficult. You have to fly through the gorge and take out the power lines that supply th lights with energy. This is difficult and tedious but effective. You will not be able to fly through the gorge w/out doing so. Along the side of the firs wall is a ledge. There you can see a power line going from the wall to a tower below. There are two lines that run from from each spot. You can sever either one it doesn't matter. You have to lock onto the connection points of each line to break it. Do this for all the lines in the gorge. However taking out the lines will not take down all the lights. It will only diminish the amount of lights that are being used. When you get to the command post there are several dragons flying around as well as lights. avoid the dragons and go for the lights first. I recommend that you go for the connecting points on the actual outpost than the outer walls. This will be easier but take a little bit longer. After that is completed then you will have beaten the level.
    Submitted by Jasx501
  • Counter Weights

    Entry location: Level three
    As you start the level you see a giant rotating head with lights coming out of its eyes. Fly close the eyes and hover in front of them and shoot out the lights. After you have shot out the lights dragons will come out of the mouth. You will here something about counterweights and fly inside. When you are inside you have to target the pointy metal objects and then fly to them. Then shake your controller up and down to break the counter weight. Do this repeatedly until all of them fall and the mountain explodes. Then go and blow up the boats in the water.
    Submitted by Jasx501

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Release date: Sep 04 2007 - PS3 (US)
Available Platforms: PS3
Genre: Flight
Published by: SCEA
Developed by: Factor 5
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Teen: Blood and Gore, Violence
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