Jericho - video breakdown

We've spent a great deal of time talking about this blood 'n' guts shooter, including interviews and hands-on reports. Right now our opinions stand squarely in the "wow, that's really gross" area, impressed by the horrific visuals that waste no time earning their "M" rating. Even the straightforward gameplay, reminiscent of Doom 3, is enticing in part because of the disturbing graphics and macabre enemy designs.

What initially seems like another ho-hum shooter with leathered-up main characters quickly turns into a body-swapping trip through multiple layers of hell. That should in and of itself be pretty frightening, but when the entire six-man squad of Jericho is armed to the teeth with heavy weapons and occult-based voodoo powers, the edge is taken down a notch. On the other hand, all these whirly-crazy powers do make for great gaming, and we've packed some of the best into one video, then broken down each character's abilities below. Take a peek for yourself and see why Jericho is so damn fun to play.

Black (sniper rifle)

Psychic sniping: Fire a bullet from her sniper rifle and then guide the bullet to its meaty destination with the analog stick. If your aim is true, you can pop multiple heads with one free-flying bullet.

Pyrokinesis: Jedi-push the enemy back and set it on fire at the same time.

Rawlings (twin pistols)

Exorcism: Attack the undead beasties with some kind of red fire-based move.

Raise dead: Bring fallen team members back to life. Not sure how useful this is, seeing as any team member can revive another Gears of War-style.

Church (machine gun and sword)

Tentacles: By slicing open your hand and splattering blood on the floor, you can create a tentacled ball of goo that latches on to enemies.

Fireball: This time, slicing your hand creates a flaming ball of goo that illuminates the area as well ignites any enemies in the vicinity.

Cole (machine gun)

Temporal distortion: Slow time via some kind of electronic device. Gives you a brief period of superspeed that you can use to get the drop on monsters.

Firestorm: Gives the entire team fire-based attacks. In other words, when you shoot something, it catches on fire. Very handy.

Delgado (chain gun)

Fire dragon: Unleash a flying, serpentine dragon that soars around the area, attacking monsters and setting them ablaze.

Fire shield: Near as we can tell, this makes fire appear at the bottom of the screen. Not sure what else it's good fire. Maybe close-quarters ignition?

Jones (machine gun and shotgun)

Possession: Search the area with a 360 degree view and inhabit the bodies of living enemies. Once inside you can set them on fire or slow them down. Jones can also use this ability to solve puzzles, body swapping from one vessel to the next.

Keep moving for videos of every playable thus far, including shots of obese man-baby hanging from hooks that pisses blood. Can't miss that, can you?


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