That whole “good versus evil” battle you’re used to waging is so overdone. Infernal, a soon-to-be-released shooter from Eidos, is set to turn your gaming morality on its ear. No less than Satan himself commands you, a fallen angel, to eliminate Heaven’s soldiers in their quest to save the world from your boss. Sounds different? Just be sure not to mention the plot to your local clergy, lest your eternal soul be excommunicated once and for all.

We set our hands to a preview version and checked out the first few levels. What starts off as a nice, relaxing night at a neon-laced nightclub in the company of a lovely young woman quickly explodes into a blood-soaked gun battle, as the protagonist Ryan Lennox is ambushed; working his way out with guns blazing is the only way to survive. Once that nasty business is taken care of, Lennox holds an interesting tete-a-tete with the Dark One himself in a creepy (and perfectly appropriate) cemetery, setting the stage for the upcoming turmoil.

Seems that the powers of Heaven and Hell have aligned themselves with a couple of corporations – this is the 21st century, after all – named Everlight and Abyss. They’re waging their war on Earth in much the same way mortals have gotten so adept at doing. Each is searching for technology and soldiers with which to gain that final edge, tipping the battle in their favor. Turns out Lennox is the key difference-maker that Lucifer himself persuades to join his team.


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