How to Fix Your Rock Band Drums

Dec 7, 2007

When Harmonix gave us the Rock Band drum kit, didn’t they think we were going to, you know, hit it? Following the peripheral’s late November release, it didn’t take long before reports started surfacing of “flaky” drum pads - sometimes they work when you hit them, sometimes they don’t. Our friends down the hall at Official Xbox Magazine were among the afflicted, but rather than submit their hardware for a proper replacement, they took matters into their own hands. Then they took screwdrivers into their own hands, and took a nice hot soldering iron into their hands when they weren’t holding screwdrivers or matters.

The result is the first deconstruction of the drums we’ve seen online, complete with photos and step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble your own controller. Hopefully, like OXM, you’ll also fix it.


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