Hot Topic - your thoughts on the future of Star Trek

This year marks a staggering 50 years since Star Trek first beamed onto our screens.

Are you stoked for upcoming movie Star Trek Beyond, set to be released this summer? Does the rebooted big screen timeline still thrill you? What are your hopes for the new TV show, warping our way next year? Has the appointment of The Wrath Of Khan's Nicholas Meyer just raised your expectations to Earth orbit?

More crucially, how will Star Trek survive for another 50 years? What stories should it tell? What characters should we meet? What strange new worlds should we visit? 23rd Century? 24th? Further into the future? Back into the past? Original timeline or new? Can Gene Roddenberry's creation live long and prosper? Or is time to mothball Starfleet?

We want to hear your opinions NOW! We'll pick the best ones to appear in the pages of the world's number one science fiction magazine.

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