Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Guide

Getting Started 

So you’ve got the gist of what’s going on here; you’re using the old brain box to get mathematical while spells and axes whirl overhead, with the sole intention of handing out beat downs, collecting cards and hoarding so much gold, Smaug will be positively green with envy. But there’s so much to do, so where to start?

Unlock Heroes in Practice Mode

This is where it all begins. First of all, complete the tutorial and then start to unlock all of the playable characters. Up until level 10, each hero will be rewarded with free cards so pick a class you feel comfortable with and battle your way through the easy and expert level AI opponents before doing anything else.

If you reach level 10 with your hero of choice and still have a few left to beat, switch out to another class to optimise on the free cards until you’ve beaten them all on both difficulties. Any further levelling up you want to do should be done in Play Mode as it yields more experience and gold than Practice Mode. Basically you want to get all classes up to level 10 as swiftly as possible.

Unique Quests

Otherwise known as achievements, these are one-time-only ‘quests’ because you can only meet the criteria once. You can find the full list of achievements in Hearthstone here, and you’ll eventually earn them all in the fullness of time which is all very nice, but for now keep your eyes on the prize and focus on the list below for immediate gold and rewards:

Level Up: Get any class to level 10
Reward: Booster Pack

First Blood: Complete a game in Play Mode (Casual or Ranked)
Reward: Booster Pack

The Duelist: Play 3 games in Play Mode
Reward: 100 Gold

Crushed Them All: Defeat all AI heroes on Expert difficulty
Reward: 100 Gold

Ready to Go!: Unlock all heroes in the game
Reward: 100 Gold

Crafting Time: Disenchant a card
Reward: 95 Arcane Dust

Enter the Arena: Select Arena from the menu
Reward: 1 Free Credit to the Arena

All of these achievements can be earned fairly quickly, so it’s advisable to get on the case with these as soon as possible. The remaining achievements are tied into winning or playing a certain number of games, earning a set number of cards and collecting specific cards, so these will be inevitably be picked up along the way.

Daily Quests


Daily quests are nice little earners that can bring in 40, 60 or 100 gold. You can accumulate quests and have a maximum of up to 3 at any one time. They can be viewed in the Quest Log which you can access from the menu. You need to have completed First Blood and The Duelist before you can begin receiving these.

Being daily quests, they will stack up on a daily basis regardless of whether you log in or not, but will stop at the maximum of 3. When a quest is completed it’s scrubbed off the list, making space for a new one.

You also have the choice to scrap one quest per day, but note that the abandoned quest will be replaced with another random quest, rather than clearing out a space for the next day.

The daily option to chuck out a quest can be utilised in one of two ways. The first and most obvious is to use it on getting rid of a quest you have no interest in completing or that you think is too hard / boring etc.

The second is to let your quest log reach the maximum of 3, then abandon a quest that brings in the least amount of gold (again, that you don’t want or need to complete). Using this method, you can complete the higher earning quests and keep the 40 gold quests hanging around uncompleted to swap out for more lucrative earning opportunities when they arise.

By now, you should have a basic knowledge of Hearthstone and a fool proof action plan to start raking in gold and cards. You’ll soon be arena ready and trouncing shamans, warlocks and any other pointy-eared buggers that stand in your way!

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