Haze co-op play debuted in new video

Dev diary video provides new tidbits on Ubisoft's red hot FPS

We've already raved about how good Free Radical Design's PS3 and Xbox 360 FPS Hazeis looking after witnessing a gameplay demo a few weeks back. Now thestudiothat was responsible for TimeSplitters and Second Sight has sent us an in-house produced developer diary video that actually shows us some of the good stuff - ie. plenty of in-game footage and some pearls of wisdom from FPS demi-god David Doak (he worked on GoldenEye dontcha know). In particular we get to see some of the four-player split-screen co-op mode, a glimpse of how thegameplay is affected whena soldier ingests battlefield drug Nectarand a fewnew environments. Basically, you have to watch it.

June 13, 2007

June 13, 2007


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