Harker on next-gen consoles in 2008

In the spirit of Halloween, The Collective wishes to offer plenty of tricks and scares on next-gen consoles with their new fright fest, Harker, based off of classic horror novel, Dracula. Set for release in 2008, Harker pits players in the shoes of a hardened and grizzled Jonathan Harker in his revenge quest to destroy all vampires after his beloved Mina falls prey to Count Dracula.

Harker promises to breathe new life into the survival horror genre by combining tracking and exploration with brutal, in-your-face combat. The vampires won’t go down with one shot however, so get ready to pull out all the stops to put these nasty bloodsuckers down.

Taking advantage of next-gen horsepower, players will traverse 18th Century environments with their own gritty, realistic art style that might just be hiding any one of the numerous, shape-shifiting vampires you’ll be facing.  

2008 is a long way off for these frights. Until then, click the Images tab for new screens and make sure to stay in the sunlight.

October 31, 2006


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