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Surefire tips for embarrassing the online competition

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We’ve located (with video!) every skull, terminal, and Easter egg in Halo 3, and have inspired you with our collection of ridiculous stunts. The next logical step on our path to Halo 3 enlightenment is the crux of the Halo series: the multiplayer.

Halo 3’s multiplayer can be a frustrating experience for beginners. At one time expletives that would embarrass even the filthiest dregs of Xbox Live spewed from between our clenched teeth at least ten times a match, and generally included the sentence, “But I pressed the [expletive deleted] melee button first!” But we persisted, and every time one of our limp, damaged bodies careened into a jagged rock we learned something. After countless matches (actually, the exact number is recorded, but we’d rather not think about it), it was the bodies of our opponents that were doing the careening.

These tips, collected from around the GamesRadar office, have propelled us from neophytes to MVPs. Consider them carefully, and if we ever cross paths on XBL, we’ll expect an epic showdown.


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