HaloRadar: Halocide

Jan. 8, 2008

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Halocide. If that isn't a recognized term, then we're officially coining it here and now. Sure, Forge's map editor serves up some fantastic multiplayer customization, and Theater offers more than an occasional glimpse at ragdoll amusement. But after making the video below, we can honestly say nothing shimmers quite so fine as elaborately laying out the hilariously macabre details of your own demise.

The coward's way out? Hardly. Ask any aspiring suicide bomber, and after condemning your Western capitalistic ideals, he'll surely tell you that taking one’s own life is never, ever, easy. And that rings triple true for Halocide. What we’ve captured here is damn near impossible to replicate intentionally. Yet a tablespoon of players have accomplished the unthinkable, and we’ve got it all on video. And if you have one you want to share with us, let us know at

Chris Antista:

"Inspired by EvlMidget25's Epic Suicides (next page), I wanted to put together a ritual, two-player, suicide. What I thought of as a minor undertaking, to be accomplished after dinner and before bedtime, ended up requiring more man hours than a season's worth of Jack Bauer antics.

I'm the furthest thing from a PC loyalist, but shit... I wanted a mouse in the worst way. Accurately placing stuff is more difficult then most would imagine. Unlike just about every other level editor in the world, Forge keeps the physics on while editing. You can even launch yourself through a goddamned man cannon while you're holding it. Fiddlesticks! To me the whole experience was like setting up a domino chain in thick mud while riding a busted ass Segway.

I hope you guys like the video. As one of the most frustrating and arduous endeavors I've ever attempted, you couldn’t get me to do it again for all the whores in Bangkok. Oh, and a very special thanks to DrifterZ17, who was a tremendous help. Even at 4am. *kisses*"

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