Halo 3 beta: The fanboy's verdict

5 reasons why Halo 3 is going to crush old Halo multiplayer

With the release of Tombstone and Desolate, you%26rsquo;d think there%26rsquo;d be no reason to put down Bungie%26rsquo;s fantastic frag-fest that is Halo 2. Until of course, the Halo 3 beta starts on the 16th. Being lucky enough to be a part of Bungie%26rsquo;s Friends and Family scheme that started last Friday across the world, we%26rsquo;ve been playing Halo 3 now for one whole weekend - and what do we have to say for ourselves?

Simply, Halo 3 multiplayer downrightcrushes anything we%26rsquo;ve seen before and here's 5 reasons why...


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