Halo 3 beta: The fanboy's verdict

With the release of Tombstone and Desolate, you’d think there’d be no reason to put down Bungie’s fantastic frag-fest that is Halo 2. Until of course, the Halo 3 beta starts on the 16th. Being lucky enough to be a part of Bungie’s Friends and Family scheme that started last Friday across the world, we’ve been playing Halo 3 now for one whole weekend - and what do we have to say for ourselves?

Simply, Halo 3 multiplayer downright crushes anything we’ve seen before and here's 5 reasons why...

1. They haven't messed with the controls
Jumping in for the first time is no biggie, we’ve all done this before right? How different can it be? The answer, not a great deal. Experienced players will comfortably transition to the modified control scheme, while getting accustomed to using the 360’s bumper buttons so often for reloads. Master Chief himself feels and moves much the same as he did last time around, albeit with a sexy new HUD for us to peer through. The HUD is clean, uncluttered and totally functional, allowing you to effortlessly keep track of enemies, check your equipment, and see exactly where you’re headed during battle.


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