GR’s weekday giveaway: XBLA and PSN download codes for Stacking: The Lost Hobo King

UPDATE 04/14/2011: We now have a PSN code for Stacking: The Lost Hobo King, too!

UPDATE 04/14/2011 4:41 pm: We now have 6 PSN codes and 6 XBLA codes to share with winners. Your chance of winning has just increased!

Today, we’re pleased to present a most special prize to our favorite people on planet Earth: GamesRadar readers (that’s you!). This week’s prize is a XBLA and a PSN download code for Stacking: The Lost Hobo King. The puzzle adventure caught our attention with its unique art style, clever mechanics, and charming humor. So if you haven’t had the chance to sample the also excellent add-on for the original Stacking, now’s your chance to try it for free.

Above: Stacking: The Lost Hobo King. If you liked the original, check out Double Fine's Stacking fan page on Facebook. They recently ran a really fun fan art contest

Above: A trailer for the original Stacking. Of course, you’ll need it in order to use the download codes for The Lost Hobo King that we’re giving away

To enter, just leave a comment on this article by 9:00 am (Pacific Time) on Friday, April 15. Please let us know if you'd prefer a XBLA code or a PSN code. If you already left a comment without saying whether your prefer a XBLA or PSN code, don't worry! You've already been entered in our raffle and we will follow up with you to see which one you prefer.

The winner will be selected at random and can expect to receive a PM from one of our administrators about your code for Stacking: The Lost Hobo King on Friday, April 15 at 10:00am (Pacific Time). Don’t forget to check your inbox on the site tomorrow to see if you’ve won!

Good luck!

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Apr 14, 2011

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