GR giveaway: Win a FREE Steam code for Crasher

UPDATE 02/25/2011: Thank you for entering our Crasher contest! All the Crasher codes have been distributed. Please check your inbox to see if you won! If you didn’t win, you can still download the demo for free via Steam. Also, don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a special surprise.  – Tyler N

It’s Friday, and we want you to start your weekend off right with a chance to win a free game. Thanks to the fine folks at Punchers Impact, we have 100 Steam codes for Crasher to share. The MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game is kind of like Defense of the Ancients meets Twisted Metal. There are 5 vs 5 team battles, leaderboards, unlockable upgrades, an XP system, and all that good stuff to work with as you tear through arenas in your death mobile.

Above: Visit the official Facebook page for Crasher and become a fan for more details about this independently developed car-on-car-a-thon

Above: Crasher’s cars come in different classes. Here’s the Melee Destructor. We like to think that it receives a plus 11 bonus to damage if you turn the music volume all the way up

To enter, just leave a comment on this article. If you don’t already have a GamesRadar account, you can click here to create one. It only takes a moment.

At 4:00pm (Pacific Time) today, winners will be selected at random and will receive a private message from one of our administrators with a Steam key for the game along with instructions that explain how to start downloading the game for free. And if you don’t end up winning, there’s always the demo, which can be downloaded now via Steam.

Good luck! And don't forget to check your inbox later today to see if you won!

Feb 25, 2011


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