Got questions about the cancelled Mega Man Legends 3? Ask the only journalist to ever play it

When Capcom unexpectedly cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 last month, fans flooded the internet with questions. What went wrong? Why was the publisher abandoning a project it’d announced only one year earlier? Was the community to blame since this was partially a community- developed games? Was this the end of Mega Man, period? We don’t know - not yet.

But here’s the most important question, and one we can easily answer for you: What was the game actually like?

Nintendo Power’s Chris Hoffman happens to be the only journalist to ever play Mega Man Legends 3 before its cancellation, and he also happens to work right down the hall from GamesRadar. So here’s the deal: Post your questions about Mega Man Legends 3 (the game, not the controversy) in our comment section below and Chris will answer them to the best of his ability in a future article.

Above: For Chris Hoffman's hands-on preview of Mega Man Legends 3, check out the June 2011 issue of Nintendo Power

The Mega Man Legends 3 project may be dead, but with your questions and Chris’s answers, the experience that was Mega Man Legends 3 can live on - in some small form - forever. Ask away!

Aug 30, 2011


Capcom Mega Man


  • chrisat928 - August 30, 2011 12:16 p.m.

    Did it play more like the first game, or the second?
  • thafighta - August 30, 2011 12:17 p.m.

    Were there any obvious issues in the gameplay?
  • Nodoudt - August 30, 2011 12:30 p.m.

    If you got the chance to experience it a bit, how did the storyline sit with you? Was it linear or open-ended? Original or cliche, etc., etc. And more importantly, do you think it would have made for something that was both approachable and something that people would actually enjoy?
  • ninjaemperor - August 30, 2011 12:34 p.m.

    was the control scheme improved? Were there any other significant improvements?
  • emeraldphoenix7 - August 30, 2011 12:36 p.m.

    Was there any voice acting in the build you played? If so, was it an improvement over the last game's?
  • Thequestion 121 - August 30, 2011 12:51 p.m.

    Did you play as Aero and Barret in the prototype version? Or only Barret?
  • screwball08247 - August 30, 2011 12:54 p.m.

    Was the music amazing?
  • zonic505 - August 30, 2011 1:17 p.m.

    Any word on when the due date to post a question for this is? I wanna see if I can get a collection from people & just post them in 1 comment.
  • GamesRadarCharlieBarratt - August 30, 2011 1:36 p.m.

    You've got a couple days at least. I'd post by Thursday to be safe.
  • BladedFalcon - August 30, 2011 1:45 p.m.

    How was the combat like?
  • 510BrotherPanda - August 30, 2011 2 p.m.

    Was the 3D of the 3DS implemented effectively, or was it a "regular" polygonal game? (I've never played a MM Legends game before.)
  • Tomontherun99 - August 30, 2011 2:04 p.m.

    How accessible was it for players that had never played a Megaman Legends game before?
  • docvega - August 30, 2011 2:06 p.m.

    Did it seem like they improved gameplay compared to the first and second one?
  • Mako Crab - August 30, 2011 2:32 p.m.

    Was it fun? Based on the demo, would you recommend the game to someone? How did it handle on the 3DS' control setup? What was your favorite/least favorite part of the demo?
  • ParanoidAndroid - August 30, 2011 2:49 p.m.

    Are we really missing out on something special? Are you actually disappointed it's gone?
  • Killshot - August 30, 2011 2:54 p.m.

    How did the camera work? Did you just use the L/R buttons or did you have to do some weird button combos to move the camera? Was there a crafting or modification system if so did it involve money or actual materials i have to collect? How was the equipping set up if any? did you have weapons and armor slots any accessory slot was it a predetermined number or is it weighted so you dont stack copies of the best items? Was there any style of level up or power up system such as gaining experience or hidden items?
  • Killshot - August 30, 2011 2:56 p.m.

    Sorry if i made a giant essay of questions i was really interested in the game but never got to play the previous 2
  • Syncmaster - August 30, 2011 2:57 p.m.

    The aim/camera was controlled like a third person shooter, with the right analog stick? or with shoulder buttons like the old games?
  • Syncmaster - August 30, 2011 2:59 p.m.

    there were any buster cannon upgrades, equipments or other weapons to try out?
  • UsernameLoser - August 30, 2011 3:08 p.m.

    Why can't I think of a good question?

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