God Hand impressions

Twisted humor and massive beatdowns mix better than we once thought

Jean seems to live in one of those dustbowl, probably post-apocalyptic, Wild, Wild West all over again kind of places. Thugs proliferate and the hapless citizenry cower in fear - particularly when they're being attacked by purple and green poison Chihuahuas. No, really. You can even help track down the antidote and maybe pick up a reward from the victim of those tiny-but-noxious fangs, if you please. Otherwise... be on your way, and take on the more pedestrian task of beating the snot out of whomever you run into.

Enemies are tough, and will deal massive damage, then block and wait for openings in your onslaught. On the other hand, you have a repertoire of special moves to take on the dominatrixes, killer clowns, and down-and-out bikers you'll run into. You can freely configure any of Jean's combos with the punches and kicks you like best, to formulate a special attack string you find most effective and enjoyable. It's almost like equipping weapons in an RPG. And in similar fashion, you can buy new techniques between levels, or just shop for special items like Chihuahua tacos which boost your stats. Hope they're not poisonous...