Go! Sudoku review

  • Loads of puzzles to tackle
  • More puzzles to download
  • Decent multiplayer modes
  • Evil bug will drive you insane
  • Downloading new puzzles too complex
  • No way to save mid-puzzle

If you’ve got an itch that a single, newspaper-bound Sudoku puzzle each day just can’t satisfy, then Go! Sudoku is your cure. That or a good, sturdy back-scratcher.

Go! Sudoku is a collection of approximately 1000 different Sudoku puzzles across an array of different difficulty levels, as a competitive or cooperative multiplayer game, or as a single-player time challenge. As a bonus, there are even more puzzles available for download, though the interface to get to them is pretty clunky.

Let’s be honest… it’s pretty hard to screw up Sudoku. And for the most part, Sumo Digital has done a good job. Despite the fact that the PSP is the least-likely candidate for a portable Sudoku game - the DS touch screen is way more Sudoku friendly - the interface here is pretty intuitive. You use the shoulder buttons to choose a number, then the d-pad and face buttons to place it. Place the number correctly and you move on; place it incorrectly and the game warns you of the mistake. Simple. You can even write several possible numbers in a tiny font in a given cell, a technique used by most puzzlers when solving pen-and-paper Sudoku, then go back and replace them with a single number when you figure out which one belongs there.

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Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Family
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Sumo Digital
ESRB Rating:


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