Go exploring with Afrika and Aqua on PS3

See the open ocean and the rolling desert from your living room

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We%26rsquo;ve managed to track down and capture the new trailer for Afrika, PS3%26rsquo;s safari-cum-photography game, and it%26rsquo;s looking more and more intriguing every time we see it. Details are still scarce about how it'll actually work, but seeing as you%26rsquo;ll be using a camera, at least in some way, we can almost guarantee that any pictures could be used as your wallpaper on the PS3 XMB.

And Sony%26rsquo;s adventuring doesn%26rsquo;t end there; not content with housing tropical fish in a virtual fish tank, inPSN title Aqua Vista,they've dived into to the deep blue sea with new atitle calledAqua. This underwater safari looks like it%26rsquo;s going tofunctionmuch like the previously mentioned Afrika except it%26rsquo;ll swap meerkats and lions for a vast ocean, colourful fish and huge whales. Both games look stunningly beautiful -just check out that lion's mane in the trailer below -and will definitely act as a nice, tranquil, distraction to shooting enemies in the face.

Given that Aqua and Afrika seem to use to the same technology and begin with the letter A, we%26rsquo;re hoping for the announcement of Antarctica before the year is out.

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